Homeopathy Explained

Homeopathy is an Age Old Method of Healing based on the Law of Similars It is a therapeutic method which clinically applies the Law of Similars and which uses medicinal substances in weak or infinitesimal doses. Homeopathy is a form of medicine that is not habit-forming; nor does it cause side effects, as is frequently the case in… Read More »


Kinesiology Muscle Testing

Muscle Monitoring Kinesiology, (pronounced “Kin-easy-ology”) is a health care system which gives us the tools to become the happy, healthy, whole creatures we are intended to be. Natural therapies offer many solutions to health problems both physical and emotional and yet none surpass the fast and easy methods of kinesiology that uses simple and highly effective methods to… Read More »


Gall Bladder Liver Cleanse

The gall bladder cleanse – a safe and proven natural method to relieve digestive problems and clear built up congestion in the liver, gall bladder and bile ducts.


Do’s and Dont’s for a Healthy Lifestyle

To inspire you to take charge of your health and to maintain wellness as a state of being we would like to share these tips with you. Simple really, you are what you eat.. so put in your mouth only food that is close to its original form. If it has been packaged, frozen, minced, preserved and added… Read More »

Shazar Robinson

What is EAV/CEDS? How Does it Work?

Author: Robert Eanes

Every EAV (electro-acupuncture according to Voll) instrument is an OHM meter, i.e. It measures one thing – electrical impedance.
Back in the late 1940’s, Dr. Reinholt Voll, MD began an investigation of the effects of electricity on the human physiology. In his studies, Dr. Voll used a technique known as Impedance or OHM metering. In simple terms, some materials are very electrically conductive, for example metals like steel and copper – electricity flows very easily through metals and therefore there is no substantial resistance on the electricity flowing through the metal. Other materials are not conductive, for example wood or rubber, and since these materials are not conductive, their resistance to electrical current is very high. An OHM meter measures electrical resistance (impedance), and it is also capable of measuring conductance since the inverse of resistance (1/resistivity approximately), is conductance.

Dr. Voll found that if he tested the electrical conductance on any general area of the human body, there was a fairly high level of electrical resistance. This is a curious point since we know that the body has a large volume of electrically conductive fluids within it. But, the skin is very resistant, by its nature to electrical current. Dr. Voll also found that at certain specific locations on the anatomy, the electrical flow is much more conductive, and these points generally correspond to the Eastern Medical Acupuncture points. Therefore, you can use an impedance or OHM meter to test the acupuncture points. This is somewhat simplistic, but it does describe the basic process of EAV.


EAV Explained – Part 2

Author: Robert Eanes So, what is the value of EAV, (electro-acupuncture according to Voll) since it is only a relative indicator? It would be a mistake to assume that EAV is not measuring a valuable parameter. When a practitioner uses standard blood test values, the purpose is in part to get a better understanding of the health of… Read More »


EAV Explained – Part 3

Author: Robert Eanes Computerized EAV (Electro-acupuncture according to Voll) Systems improve testing efficiency and efficacy. Early generation EAV meters used an analogue needle meter, similar to the speedometer in an automobile. The next progression in EAV technology involved the interfacing of the meter with a computer and custom software. Computers are very useful at displaying information, saving and… Read More »


EAV Explained – Part 4

Author: Robert Eanes At this point, it is obviously better to evaluate different devices based on other criteria as, for example the following factors … Ease of use: Is the software easy to use? Is it user friendly, and does it offer the features, tools and capabilities you need to handle testing now and in the future when… Read More »


Why Butter is Better Than Margarine

Author: Stephen Byrnes, ND, RNCP (formerly of Powerhealth.net) One of the most healthy whole foods you can include in your diet is butter. “What?” I can hear many of you saying, “Isn’t butter bad for you? I thought margarine and spreads were better because they’re low in saturated fat and cholesterol?” Be not deceived folks! Butter is truly… Read More »


Drugs and Medical Errors Killing One of Every Five Australians

“You medical people will have more lives to answer for in the other world than even we generals.” Napoleon Bonaparte In a recent emailed response to the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Ron Law, Executive Director of the NNFA, in New Zealand and member of the New Zealand Ministry of Health Working Group advising on medical error, offered some… Read More »