Raw Juices

Can Save Your Life Feel like doing some crushing and squeezing? If you are juicing make sure you purchase a slow juicer.. that is one that is not centrifugal.  The gentle crushing and squeezing process is similar to a Cold-Press method, therefore generating minimal friction heat. Your juice can retain up to 60% more nutrients than conventional juicers… Read More »

Shazar Robinson

Health Freedom

Our Health Freedom is in Our Hands – Keep Vigilant to Laws that intend to take it away…. If you are concerned about our health freedom being eroded by the over zealous watchdogs, heavy funding by the Pharmaceutical Industry for our medical industry leading to draconian laws and sanctions against natural and healthy ways to stay healthy we… Read More »

Shazar Robinson

Cardiovascular Disease – The Real Cost

The World Today Monday, 2 May 2005 Cardiovascular disease is the biggest single killer of Australians. Its cost in human terms is hard to quantify, but even harder to define are the economic costs. In the interests of promoting better health, the Heart Foundation has commissioned research into the economics of heart disease. And today Access Economics has… Read More »