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Fasting Improves Brain Function.

On the second day of my juice fast today this article came to my notice. And no today my brain does not feel brighter than two days before but the evidence suggests as you will read in the following – that regular intermittent fasting is very beneficial. Hungry stomach hormone promotes growth of new brain cells Could fasting… Read More »

Homeopathy Explained

Homeopathy is an Age Old Method of Healing based on the Law of Similars It is a therapeutic method which clinically applies the Law of Similars and which uses medicinal substances in weak or infinitesimal doses. Homeopathy is a form of medicine that is not habit-forming; nor does it cause side effects, as is frequently the case in… Read More »

Make Your Own Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass is a raw, living food and when juiced features 100% bioavailability. This makes it a tremendously accessible source of nutrition. When consumed in raw living state, wheatgrass juice contains well over 100 known vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants. Wheatgrass is the first stage of the same plant that eventually grows into the… Read More »

Canola – a good oil?

We only recommend the use of oils such as virgin olive oil, and good quality coconut oil – which has been treated in an environmentally friendly manner without the heat treatment which destroys the health giving properties of all oils.

On Road in Bali – A Travelogue!

by Bhagawati (reprinted from Bali & Beyond) Welcome to the cultural experience of Bali’s roadways. To drive in Bali is an art in itself which must be analysed in depth. The initial traffic experience may shock the fragile, jet-lagged nervous system of the first-time Bali visitor. There’s a well-defined pecking order on the road. Tourist buses and trucks… Read More »