Gall Bladder Liver Cleanse

By | September 15, 2010

The gall bladder cleanse – a safe and proven natural method to relieve digestive problems and clear built up congestion in the liver, gall bladder and bile ducts.

Why do we need our gall bladder?

Bile, which is created in the liver, is stored in the gall bladder. It could be said that the gall bladder is a storage tank that stores the bile as the liver makes it, and then secretes the bile when the stomach releases the food into the small intestines where the bile is mixed with the food.

Bile is important in the digestive process. Bile breaks down fats, oils, and oil soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K. These vitamins have important functions in the body, but will be of little use if they are not broken down. What happens when the gall bladder is removed is the body has no place to store the bile. The bile is continually dripping into the small intestinal tract from the liver. When the stomach releases the food into the small intestinal tract, there is no stored supply of bile to secrete into the small intestines to help digest the food.

The result is poorly digested food, which will not nourish the body as well as intended.

Rather than taking the traditional, medical way of thinking by only looking at the symptoms, let’s now consider how to avoid the problem of a congested gall bladder and how to prevent the unpleasant effects.

The gall bladder cleanse is also a good way to help prevent problems, and in most cases, solve current gall bladder problems that people have developed due to a poor lifestyle of eating.
You will need:

  • 400 ml cold pressed virgin olive oil
  • 6-8 lemons
  • 4 litres apple juice (preferably organic and NOT reconstituted)
  • Colon cleanse or other suitable laxative
  • Acidophilous

The day before:

Eat a light breakfast and then fast for the rest of the day by drinking apple juice and water. The apple juice needs to be at room temperature as cold drinks quench the energy of the liver.

In the evening of this day have 2 level teaspoons of Colon Cleanse (available from Best Health and some health food stores) in a glass of water followed by some lemon juice.

The apple juice is to begin softening the gallstones and the laxative stimulates the bile ducts.

The next day:

Continue fasting with juice and water until the evening when you will need the olive oil and the lemon juice. Over ½ hr to 1 hour drink all the olive oil by swallowing as much as possible (for example 100mls at a time) followed by 2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice.

Wait approx 10 minutes and repeat until all the oil is gone. Then go to bed and lie down on your right side until you go to sleep. Either during the night or the next morning you will begin to pass stools which look like chaff and may have some greenish ill formed stones in the stool.

Over the next week:

Do not eat any fried foods – keep your diet fairly simple and supplement yourself with a good acidophilous supplement for at least a week.

Congratulations you have now performed you first liver and gall bladder cleanse and if you are anything like me you will be glad you endured any difficulty to now enjoy the benefits of this cleanse. You can expect to have improved digestive capacity, increased energy and a decrease in any digestive discomfort.

DISCLAIMER: The Best Health Centre does not make any medical claims for the gallbladder cleanse. It is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and it is not intended as medical advice. It is intended purely as a balancing protocol to assist the body to return to a more harmonious state which may result in improved health.

13 thoughts on “Gall Bladder Liver Cleanse

  1. winnie

    I have few questions that I need to know before I try.
    1. Is it recommend to any one (sex, age or condition of health)??
    2. Colon cleanse is safe for anyone with any health condition?
    3. What happen in case that people already have gall bladder problems?
    4. Are they any laxative that is getle than colon cleanse?

    1. Shazar Robinson

      Hi Winnie,
      if you are in very poor health, the gallbladder cleanse should only be done under the supervision of a health professional. Cleansing the colon is a great way to get healthy .. and yes there is no contraindications for this to the best of my knowledge. If a person has a gall bladder problem then a gall bladder cleanse can be very helpful. There are some who say if you have gall stones then you should be careful as the cleanse can force bigger stones into the bile ducts and cause problems. In my personal experience there has not been any difficulty with this but you must make up your own mind and do your own research. Colon cleanse is not harsh unless you take excessive amounts.. start off with just a little and build up.. until you find that is the amount you can tolerate. The amount required varies for different people. I hope that helps you.

  2. Pete

    I am 50, 5 foot 8, 185 lbs. I stated having sever pain in 2007. It occurred at night (2 am to 10am) when I eat very fatty foods. I realized this over time. I have had about four to five of these episodes since 2007 and the last one was the worse (early 2011). I went in to the emergency room and they could not find anything wrong with me. No stones or sludge via the ultra sound, the blood work was normal. They told me if the pain kept coming back I should have my gallbladder removed. The pain subsided on its own that day. I am not a fan of removing organs. I fasted for a few days and since then I have not had a re-occurrence. I fast once in about two weeks and try to eat healthy now.
    Now my wife is having the same pain. She is 43. And yes she was told to have the gallbladder removed.
    I am thinking out loud here but doesn’t seem odd that the first response from a doctor is to remove the organ?
    Anyways I wanted to tell you that I will try the flush (just olive oil and lemon juice) and report back what it does for me. I am currently have having issues with just the fasting.

    1. Shazar Robinson

      Will be interested to hear how you get on Pete.. when I have done the flush, I feel pretty exhausted for 24 hours getting over the cleansing.. but it then gives me a good boost to my energy. But that said.. I don’t have any major problems with my body. I find juice fasting is really good also. Good luck with your cleanse.

  3. Pete

    Correction. Currently NOT having issues with just the fasting.

  4. Dorothea

    Hello, thank you for this wonderful cleanse. I’m suffering from reflux and have been advised to avoid lemon juice.

    Is it ok to not have the lemon juice, and could you please explain as to the purpose and function of the lemon juice?

    Many thanks and look forward to your response.


    1. Shazar Robinson

      Hi Dorothea,
      apologies for the late reply. The lemon juice is said to soften any buildup of stones or residue in the liver and gallbladder. have a look at what this site says about acidity or alkalinity.. I think it will help you understand tat even if you have reflux lemon juice shouldn’t create more acidity. In my understanding.. reflux is often because your stomach is simply not working at optimal so the body is trying the get rid of food it cannot digest. actually lemon juice in warm water with a pinch of good quality sea salt can assist that as it will enhance the production of the stomach’s own digestive juices and help your digestion. Things like coffee, wheat, sugar .. are much more likely to create more reflux than lemon juice. try it and see. Best wishes Shazar

  5. L

    Hi, Do you know of any health practioners that DO supervise a flush?

    1. Shazar Robinson

      Hi Lois, no I am sorry but I do not.. and of course it depends where you are located. let me know and perhaps we can advise you further.

  6. Martin Jones

    Hi Shazar
    I have 2 Gallstones – confirmed via scan when i had a problem with a kidney stone recently. I have researched the cleanse with the olive oil etc, and many comments state that whilst you do pass stones (that float) they are merely a by -product of the chemical reaction that occurs in the body and that the stones are not real stones ? Are they really stones that are being passed – has anyone had them analysed ? Regards Martin

    1. Shazar Robinson

      Hi Martin, I don’t know if anyone has had them analyzed.. Dr Hulda Clark who wrote the Cure for All Cancers did a lot of work in this area and I think she has done analysis. What I do know is that people really feel better after the cleanse and one of my family members who prior to the cleanse was suffering from gall stone pain, was then pain free for some years after her cleanse. Its certainly worth a try! Best wishes to you. Shazar

  7. Sandy Naidu

    Hi, I read your article and others which seem to talk of a similar treatment. I have a couple of gallstones (in the gallbladder), which are 10mm – 13mm in measurement. I really want to do the flush but am wondering how large/small a gallstone should be for it to be able to pass through the gallbladder safely?
    I do not have any pain or discomfort currently, the gallstones were discovered accidently.
    Hope to hear from you, thank you.

    1. Shazar Robinson

      Hi Sandy, I am sorry but I cannot really advise you in respect of how small or large the stones need to be to be safely flushed out. The apple juice is to soften the stones.. you can read more about this type of flush in Dr Hulda Clark’s work.. perhaps googling her info can assist you. I have done the flush a couple of times and had no idea when I did it whether or not I had gallstones.. but a lot of so called chaff.. or green small stones were discharged on both occasions.

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