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Who Are We?

Of course you want to know that that we are reputable people  when you book at an appointment – or call us to order a product or service. So we want to make sure that you have the chance to find out just who you are dealing with before you pick up the phone, or sign up for our information.

Best Health:

We have been in business as Best Health since 1998 prior to that we were in Sydney and came under the name of Sydney Transformation Centre – and were well known in Sydney for being a very active and dynamic centre.  We have always been instrumental in bringing together a holistic view of health and providing the pathways to come to a state of health and harmony in our lives.

Sahaja Springer

Sahaja  is a facilitator of the magic of transformation and has been in healing professions for most of her life. She had her first out of body experience when she was 5 years old and has been fascinated with the processes of birth, life and death throughout her life.

From life in the outback, to birthing her first child in the West Australian bush, to living in an ashram in India, to sailing across the Indian Ocean, to working with disabled children, to fundraising on the back of a motorbike, her life has been a kaleidoscope of many and varied experiences.

It is this rich tapestry of experience that Sahaja now brings to her work. She has training in aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, nursing, neuro-linguistic programming and has been a Level 2 practicing Kinesiologist since 1993.

She is a registered teacher of Touch For Health.

Sahaja is passionate about helping people to recognise and bring forth their beauty and divinity into their daily life and shares this as her mission “ my mission is to bring truth, beauty and grace to our planet and assist you to recognise your own divinity”.

She has the unique ability to gently expose limiting beliefs and help pave the way for change. She is passionate about you and your wholeness.  Here is a link to her Kinesiology blog.

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Shazar Robinson:

ShazarShazar has been involved in health and healing for most of her life.

Beginning her career as an Occupational Therapist – over time she became fascinated by the principles and practice of energy medicine and complementary health care. She has always looked for the means to assist people to heal their body, mind and spirit in order to reach their full potential as spiritual beings in the human body.

In 1993 while studying the art of Kinesiology Shazar was introduced to a computerised technology based in energy medicine that would shift her life into a new and exciting direction.

Today she shares her passion worldwide about this method of healing that encompasses the ancient knowledge of Chinese medicine – married to the as yet only partially understood mysteries of quantum physics – encapsulated in computer technology – the Avatar.

Currently she dedicates 6 months of her year to working in India as a volunteer – at Sankalpa Rural Development Society  – and is actively involved in Water Harvesting Projects throughout rural India.

Shazar speaks at conferences and seminars worldwide. Past engagements have included:

  • Asia Pacific conference on Homeopathy and Natural Therapy in Kota Bharu. 1998
  • Conscious Living Expo in Perth West Australia 1999
  • Colombo Medicina Alternativa World Congress 2000
  • Academy of Natural Therapy Perth 2001
  • Health and Harmony Expo in Brisbane Australia 2002
  • Jakarta Aids Conference 2002
  • Hong Kong Natural Therapy Trade Expo Dec 2004
  • Energy Psychology Conference Singapore Jan 2005
  • EAV/EDS Training London Jan 2005
  • World Business Group Singapore – series of talks 2005-06.
  • Energy Medicine Conference Noosa April 2006
  • Natural Therapy Trade Expo Sydney 2007
  • Dreamcatchers Cruise – Beijing August 2010
  • Centre for Management Mumbai February 2012
  • Rotary Club Mumbai March 2012