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The Challenge of Terrorism

A Travelling Essay Author: John Paul Lederach Professor of Sociology and Conflict Studies – EMU “Military action to destroy terror is like hitting a fully mature dandelion with a golf club.” So here I am, a week late arriving home, stuck between Colombia, Guatemala and Harrisonburg when our world changed. The images flash even in my sleep. The… Read More »

Osho Rajneesh on Terrorism

Discourse given in Uruguay 1986 The Question: Beloved Osho, I’ve heard that in Europe the threat of terrorism is striking fear in everyone. Airplanes are delayed by extraordinary security measures, many of the seats are empty. And some airports are closing, people are even thinking twice about going out in the evening. And all this is more prevalent… Read More »

Health Freedom

Our Health Freedom is in Our Hands – Keep Vigilant to Laws that intend to take it away…. If you are concerned about our health freedom being eroded by the over zealous watchdogs, heavy funding by the Pharmaceutical Industry for our medical industry leading to draconian laws and sanctions against natural and healthy ways to stay healthy we… Read More »