Keeping A Broad Perspective – for Healers

By | May 9, 2006

by Shazar Robinson

(This article is a transcript from a talk given at the Energy Medicine Conference Noosa on Sunday 23rd April, 2006.

The talk was addressed to a group of health practitioners.

My objective in giving this presentation is to inspire you – to stimulate a widening of our thought processes – and to increase the understanding of what we are really doing in our clinic work. At the completion of this talk, my aim is to have you feeling hungry for more – and inspired to create a sense of wellness in yourself that will spread out to all you touch. This short hour is designed to fan the flames of your desire for greater understanding and a deeper connection to the whole.

I will talk about the following:

  • What is health, what is healing?
  • How can we increase our effectiveness?
  • The importance of focusing on health not disease.
  • The role of intention in healing.
  • How limiting beliefs create limited healing.
  • What is health – what is healing?

True healing goes far beyond what we are doing individually with our respective instruments, and to widen our understanding we must turn our attention to the principles surrounding the nature of reality itself.a

This will move us into new dimensions – into quantum physics, and into the work of people such as David Bohm, Ilya Prigogine, and Stephen Hawking.

These people have given us new models of reality which begin to explain the holistic views that natural methods of healing have been based on for centuries, leaving behind the theories of reductionism and moving into the consciousness where all is connected to everything else.

Healing is about healing the whole being – going beyond the disease, beyond the symptoms and opening up to the widest possible perspective so that you give the person you are working with an expanded view of reality in which health becomes attainable.

We have a birthright of perfect health. Just as we are already living in abundance and all we need is already available to us – health is also available. To expand on this concept you might like to refer to the work of a gentleman who lived in the 1800’s called Wallace D Wattles. (reference at end of paper)

Let’s rename health for now to a state of wellness which can be described as “A state of being in harmony with life”. It’s that big. Don’t settle, or let those you work with, settle for anything less.

As practitioners we have a responsibility to continually increase our own understanding of this ever expanding field of information so that we do not get caught in the traps of the past.

Victor V Woolf – in the Wellness Manifesto states:

From a quantum view, life emerges from a quantum potential field and when a person suffers from a disease, that disease is only possible because of various holodynes (or information systems) that are giving off frequencies that create a field in which diseases flourish. Healing must include transforming this field and that can only be understood from a quantum perspective.

The potential for health already exists enfolded within the quantum potential field. Health is about being in harmony with life.

So in other words, the blueprint for perfect health is already there but sometimes we need to be ‘resonated’ in the right direction.

As a healer your role is to ‘resonate’ coherence and balance.

What is coherence? Let me explain –

Coherence means that subatomic particles are able to cooperate. They can communicate together. They begin resonating together. In relation to healing, when a person is in a coherent state, they can be said to be in health – when all of the aspects of the being are working together in harmony and light.

The ‘healer’ gives a reference point to the person being healed –reminding the sick person what health is about so that the sick person can move back into balance or coherence and from that state, can begin to heal the body/mind/spirit – if the person does not understand what it is to be healthy, then it is up to you to show the way.

Think about the kirlian photograph of a leaf – even though the leaf is torn in half, and the end discarded – the energy field will still show that full outline of the leaf.

It is about showing people the full picture – the wholeness of health, so they can move in the right direction. Homeopathics clearly are useful as they seem to give the Being information which energetically changes their field back into coherence.

We need to focus on health not disease.

It is very important to move away from the naming of disease states. The problems of “diagnosing” reach far beyond that of legal implications. Labelling the disease state does not contribute to healing – in fact it holds people in the sickness industry and keeps them focused on the negative. We have to encourage people to understand the overall concepts of balance and harmony so they can move out of imbalance and disharmony.

If they are stuck inside a label, a diagnosis, solutions can be difficult to find and therefore you too must focus on health. Get them to focus on health not disease, help them to move outside of the problem where they are able to see possible solutions.

When you demonstrate to them what health is, they know what they are aiming for and will more easily cease poor health habits as they will be able to understand the reward of health.

How can we increase our effectiveness?

For those of us who are using EAV let’s look now at what we are really doing.

Initially we assess where the Being is out of balance (I believe we must refer to the Being rather than the body, as body is only a fraction of what we are working with.

We then assess why is the Being is out of balance.

And finally we examine how to bring the Being back into balance – back to homeostasis from which state the Being can then heal itself.

It could be said that we provide a menu of options for healing.

Using our tools – such as the EAV system we give the person the choice to be aware of their options and take responsibility for what is best for their well being. We assist the person to access more possibilities than those they may be aware of. Does that sound like using your database?

What is the most important thing you can do for the person who consults you?

  1. Give them back the responsibility for their own health
  2. Help them to understand that they have choice
  3. And to understand why they got sick and how they can return to health and stay healthy.

How do you do this? First you listen. People need to be heard. If first you listen to them, you can meet them on their level. It gives you the opportunity to access the information systems in their Being that are holding the disease in place. Then real healing can occur.

Then as your testing begins, the education process begins, as you work through your protocols, using your stress indicators and your filters always to prioritise, explain, educate and encourage.

Help the person to understand the toxic load, not only that of the chemicals, pesticides heavy metals and so on, but also the toxic effect of relationship stress, work place politics etc. Teach them where the toxins come from, and how to avoid them, help them to understand the damaging effects of stress and how to de-stress. Give them simple de-stress techniques, encourage them to exercise, meditate, to walk barefoot on the grass. Above all help them to understand how to begin to reclaim their own power, to access their full potential self in order to effect true healing.

We need to understand that we do not heal the person, the person heals themselves – our function is to bring light to the matter, so we can help the client to have an understanding of their problems and imbalance, which can be 9/10ths of the job done already.

An example of this can be seen with emotional stress. If you have suppressed the real emotion it cannot be cleared. But once it is brought to the light and the person has an understanding of what they are really feeling, then they can release it.

It is the same with physical toxins – chemical xyz – when brought into the light by your testing becomes exposed, and it can then be dealt with in whatever way you choose – homeopathics, energy vibrational remedies, herbs, nutritionals, flower essences and so on.

The role of intention in healing.

I believe that the intention behind the EAV testing (and in fact any form of healing)  is very important.

It is imperative that you as practitioners really understand what you are doing and that you understand your role in your testing.

It doesn’t matter what you are using. In fact it doesn’t even matter IF you are using an EAV or energy medicine system – what matters essentially is you as the healer – your intention to direct the healing energy flow in a positive direction.

These principles still apply even if you are using an instrument such as those systems where you are removed from the testing process and are not in physical contact with the person. It has been proven in quantum physics that the intention of the tester, or the person setting up the experiment cannot be removed from the experiment. In other words, there is no way your intention as a practitioner or a healer can be taken out of the equation.

Some people even think that if they wear latex gloves that removes their influence. Just think about that for a moment. I ask you all to really consider that – do you think that a simple layer of latex will take you out of the loop?

You may know that I am the rep/trainer for Avatar. In this role, I am often asked by potential users – “But what about the influence of the practitioner? Doesn’t the person operating the system have an influence on the result? Of course the answer is “yes” the EAV practitioner can influence the readings and in fact does.

But here again it is the intention behind the testing that is of prime importance. If your intention is to heal the person then why would you want to influence the readings in any one direction? That’s why we have to maintain such an objective viewpoint when testing.

Be aware:

If you get too focussed on one area, you will miss what the Being wants to reveal.

I was very fortunate – I was taught kinesiology by David Bridgman – who I am sure many of you know – I have many things to thank him for but the most important thing I learned from him was to allow yourself to be continually surprised by what you find. Let the Being give you the information.

For instance if you consider that a particular toxin, bacteria, or causative agent is commonly found, that you find it in almost all of your clients, then you will always find it, but is it REALLY the thing that is the most needed to be cleared?

For example, if you get focused on candida overgrowth, then every person who walks through the door will present with a candida problem.

Be aware – let yourself be surprised – allow the breadth of your EAV instrument to present to your client as much information as possible so that you can come to the priority stress influences quickly and work with those, rather than proving your own belief systems to be true.

I would also like to briefly address the subject of encoding of frequencies.

We have moved through the history of EAV in a logical progressive fashion. It was needed for the mind of the time to test using actual substances, (the vials in the circuit) then it was needed for the mind of the time to use digital frequencies to represent the item being tested – not because this was the only way the body would respond, but because we as operators needed to have that to hold onto. It felt more tangible – it felt believable – it gave us a seemingly simple explanation for what was happening.

We didn’t have to try to explain a mystery to ourselves or our clients. We could accept it, we felt we were following a physical sequence, something that could be quantified and measured. And when you come into the realm of remedy testing for example, and you just use the word, we have to suspend disbelief and work with the mystery that is.

Does it work? Yes.

It is relevant in the healing field?


A short example – While working in Hong Kong I tested a young Chinese woman who spoke no English.

On stress indicator testing she showed with the priority of emotional stress.

I tested through the emotions list and ‘suppressed’ came up. In HK they have a useful translation program that activates when you put the tool tip (or pointer of the computer) on the word. It instantly translates in a little box next to it.

We did that and the woman read it and began to cry. Her husband who did speak English said to me, “yes that is totally true – her boss suppresses her completely.”

How did this happen? I don’t know. But it is only one example of many seemingly miraculous happenings with the EAV instruments – both those that have digital frequencies and those that do not. We can borrow from quantum physics to try to explain this – looking for models amongst shared consciousness, information fields and so on – however really at this stage of our understanding we need to simply accept that it is the mystery that we work with.

Limiting beliefs create limited healing.

Sometimes in order to feel accepted by the current regulation-happy environment we forget to embrace the whole and begin to put on the blinkers of the mechanistic and disease focused health professionals – dominated by the assumptions of classical physics and the linear diagnostic thinking that goes along with that.

Let us be aware, wake up, and step beyond the treatment of symptoms so that we can move into the realisation of a state of being in harmony with life.

Let us feel grateful that we have the opportunity to be involved in this wonderful world of healing – using modalities that allow us to contact the whole – that allow us to access this information field that can assist others to unfold their full potential and return to wellness.

I know we can discuss this endlessly – and you will all have your own particular view point on the subject. So I will leave you simply with a connectino to Dr Masuro Emoto’s work –

Look at his photos of water which has been exposed to the words – I hate you I want to kill you and also – Love and Gratitude.

Thank you for your attention.

Shazar Robinson

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