Make Your Own Wheatgrass Juice

By | June 15, 2009

Wheatgrass is a raw, living food and when juiced features 100% bioavailability. This makes it a tremendously accessible source of nutrition.

When consumed in raw living state, wheatgrass juice contains well over 100 known vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants.

Wheatgrass is the first stage of the same plant that eventually grows into the grain we use in bread and baked goods. Since it is a vegetable and not a grain, it doesn’t contain gluten. This means it is a safe food, even for those with wheat allergies.

The juice is created by harvesting wheat during its young, grassy stage at a height of 7 – 11 inches. At this point, it is loaded with living energy and when squeezed, the tender young blades express a rich, dark green liquid called wheatgrass juice.

Here’s how to make your own wheatgrass juice:

Soak approx 1 cup of organic wheat seeds in water for 8-10 hours. Line a seed-raising tray with newspaper and then a good quality organic potting mix. Thickly cover the soil with the seeds and then soak kitchen paper in water and cover the seeds. Leave in the shade, for the next two days do not allow the seeds to dry out and then take the cover off and allow to grow in the dappled sunshine until about 10-15 cms long, usually after 4-5 days.

Cut a fresh handful each morning and either add it to your freshly squeezed vegetable juice or just drink a shot of wheatgrass juice on its’ own. Enjoy the many health benefits.

(Very few juicers will make wheatgrass juice. Use the type which crush juice rather than high speed centrifugal juicers. We recommend the Compact Juicer as this works very well.)

Trivia from Wikepedia – In The Simpsons episode “When You Wish upon a Star”, Homer invents a cocktail made of wheatgrass and vodka called a “lawnmower”.

10 thoughts on “Make Your Own Wheatgrass Juice

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  2. Sue

    thanks for this information. one thing that concerns me is lining with newspaper..what about the chemicals from the ink in the print?

    1. Shazar Robinson Post author

      Hi Sue, well I guess to be totally organic you could line it with white paper.. but then you have bleaching agents etc.. not sure how much of the newsprint will leach through into the potting mix.. but for pristine juice there is likely a better lning. If you come up with one let us know!

    2. Rory

      Hi Sue,

      I’ve been using my local newspaper in my garden as weed cover for the rows for years, I too was worried at first about the chemicals but discovered that they actually use soy-based ink in the newspaper which made me feel a lot better about it. I also talked to someone who used to work there and he assured me that due to recycling guidelines they don’t have much in the way of chemicals in the paper anymore either (I took his word for it, but you may not want to)

      1. Shazar Robinson Post author

        that’s good news Rory because I have also not been recommending using newspaper in composting because of the newsprint.. so that’s great.

  3. swarna

    can you plz tell me what can be added to the juice before consuming it(like salt or pepper )

    1. Shazar Robinson Post author

      I am sure you can add salt and pepper.. but honestly if you take it like a shot.. just drink it down.. it is very grassy taste.. otherwise you can add it to your normal juice.. I juice it in my Compact Juicer with the rest of the fruits and vegies I am juicing.. just make the wheatgrass a little damp before you put it through your Compact or similar Juicer.. not many juicers actually work for wheatgrass. The best we have found is the Compact.

  4. sana

    can we add water, n can we greind in mixer adding some water

    1. Shazar Robinson Post author

      yes of course you can add water.. and in fact to do wheatgrass juice.. you should rinse the wheatgrass first that makes it easier to juice it. I had a wheatgrass juice the other day in Mumbai International Airport and they were using a Compact Juicer.. I was most impressed!!

  5. Shazar Robinson Post author

    sounds effective to us… whatever works for you!

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