Obesity and Weight Loss Perth

By | January 12, 2011

Are you suffering Obesity? Are you looking for effective Weight Loss?

weight lossHere are some key points you may not know about being over weight and the need for weight loss:

  1. Fat around the waist is dangerous. This area of obesity is the real problem.  If you have this layer of fat around your waist area, (in men the typical beer gut fat) your increased risk of mortality from heart attack is a staggering 46%.    In this case, fat is surrounding your vital organs and increasing your risk not only for heart disease but also for diabetes.  You will have fat around your heart.  ot only that this fat also increases you chances of getting cancer.
  2. Fat around your hips however is not dangerous.
  3. Inflammation is increased with body fat. It oxidises easily and oxidised fats cause inflammation.  Inflammation is an underlying causative factor in many disease states. Hardening of the arteries, insulin resistance, – the precursor to diabetes – joint pain – these are just some of the symptoms inflammation creates in the body.
  4. Overweight people feel the heat more intensely – as overweight people don’t respond well to changes in heat or cold.
  5. As our weight increase, our demand for oxygen increases and often our breathing depth decreases. Our metabolic rate decreases and we feel tired all the time. Weight loss will increase your energy levels.
  6. Our need for antioxidants increases to prevent the oxidation of fat which will then line the artery walls.
  7. If you have liposuction you may look better, however it does not decrease your risk of serious disease as liposuction simply removes the subcutaneous (under skin) fat – it does not do anything about the dangerous fat surrounding your organs.

So what’s the answer for effective weight loss?

We don’t guarantee to have all the answers, but there are certainly some well informed choices that you can make to assist yourself in these circumstances. 

Check your waist measurement.. this is more important than what the scales say.  It is this measurement that you need to reduce as it is a direct indicator of how much fat you have lying aroundyour organs.  For men a waist measurement of more than 100cms significantly increases the rsk of cancer. A 72% increased risk of colon cancer and 43% increased risk of prostate cancer.  In women the waist measurement of greater than 85cms increases the risk.  A 22% increased risk for breast cancer and 33% for colon cancer.  Weight loss can save your life!

Ensure you are eating enough protein.. good quality whey protein in a protein shake is very useful as the whey protein helps to increase or stimulate the insulin secretion from the pancreas. This is good.  When you have good supplies of protein you can more effectively burn excess fat and weight loss will increase.

Reduce your saturated fats and especially your sugar intake.

Increase your intake of fibre.. high quality fibre increases insulin secretion as well.

Use smaller plates to serve your food. It will give the you impression of having eaten more.  Slow down, chew consciously, and finish each mouthful before you prepare the next one.

Weight loss is imperative to help you lead a quality life.

Here at Best Health we focus on the whole person.  We understand that weight loss may have been very difficult for you in the past and for that reason we address the issue from many different angles.  We will follow your progress closely and provide support each step of the way.  Not only recommending specific dietary guidelines – designed for you .. but also addressing underlying belief patterns and negative programming can be holding less than beneficial  life style patterns in place.  These will create an on-going challenge for you with your weight loss efforts.

Call us today on 0402 038885 – to discover how we can assist you with a weight loss program for increased health and well being and a sustained new lifestyle.

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  1. Rebecca

    I am interested in your weight loss regimen.

    TKS !!!

    1. Shazar Robinson Post author

      Hi Rebecca – give Sahaja a call on 0402 038885 and I am sure she will be able to give you some good advice and set you on the road to your good health and weight loss.

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