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“Every single time I work with Sahaja I feel so much better.¬† Kinesiology with someone as intuitive as Sahaja is brilliant and I recommend it to anyone with any kind of discomfort – dis’ease’ to try it.”
Julia Hayes talking about the help she received from Sahaja for her insomnia.


A Kinesiology balance with Sahaja can certainly help you.

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For renewed vitality in your life… experience Kinesiology – Perth.

What Kinesiology can do for YOU.

Kinesiology is a way of helping you to discover the exact cause of your health problems and cancel the effects by asking the body intelligence (bio-computer) questions, through muscle testing.

As a corrective procedure for structural problems kinesiology stands alone in its ability to immediately remove pains and restore function.

In the areas of emotional stress release and self-sabotage, kinesiology offers simple and permanent ways to handle life’s challenges.

Kinesiology takes the guess work out of the picture by actually asking your body what it needs and the safe simple methods used can quickly help you to enhance your own recuperative powers.

This list above may seem almost too varied and too good to be true but practitioners of Kinesiology are facilitators of the body’s own wisdom and desire to survive, which is inherent in all life and this in itself is what makes ALL the difference!

A Kinesiology session will balance the vital life force energy of the body which will in turn:

  • reduce and eliminate pain (e.g. in back, neck, head, legs)
  • greatly increase energy level assist you to be more emotionally stable
  • repair muscle and ligament damage after an accident
  • regulate hormonal imbalances e.g. menstrual irregularities
  • alleviate and eliminate digestive problems
  • identify allergy causing foods
  • locate dietary deficiencies
  • remove cause of allergies
  • alleviate skin problems
  • eliminate phobias
  • correct dyslexia
  • heal illness

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