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By | October 9, 2010

Muscle Monitoring

Kinesiology, (pronounced “Kin-easy-ology”) is a health care system which gives us the tools to become the happy, healthy, whole creatures we are intended to be. Natural therapies offer many solutions to health problems both physical and emotional and yet none surpass the fast and easy methods of kinesiology that uses simple and highly effective methods to help us feel better and stay feeling better on all levels.

Leaving Guesswork Out of the Picture

The key is that practitioners of this excellent modality leave guesswork out of the picture. The client’s body gives the answers through bio-feedback in the form of a muscle test or muscle monitoring. This provides the information required to discover the individual needs of each person and will uncover imbalances, which are creating ill-health or emotional disturbance. The muscle monitoring utilises the electrical circuits of the body, rather than the physical power of a muscle, and can allow the practitioner to ascertain many different things – limited only by his/her own training and expertise.

To use a simple example, when checking for sensitivity (or allergy) to a food, the food is held next to the subject s face and the person being tested holds out their arm with straight elbow in front of the body. The practitioner then applies pressure on the arm, thereby testing a particular muscle (see the diagram). If the food being tested is unsuitable for the body, it registers as a stress and therefore creates a negative effect on the body, and the muscle being tested will fail or become weakened.

Emotional Trauma Creates Stress

Many different aspects of stress on the body can be tested in this way. For example, as we all know, emotional trauma will create stress. This can be demonstrated by muscle monitoring . The client is asked to recall a stressful incident that has occurred in their life say for example when they had a car accident, or when they had a strong argument with their partner or boss. The muscle test is applied in the same way and if there is still stress remaining on the incident being recalled, the muscle will fail or weaken.

For structural problems. specific muscles can be tested by positioning the body carefully in order to isolate the action of an individual muscle. In this way, the practitioner can assess whether that muscle is functioning in its optimal state.

A “Holistic Approach”

When approach is holistic in that the client is viewed from all aspects, structural, emotional and nutritional. The initial assessment of imbalance is however only a small part of the story of applied kinesiology as there are also many corrective techniques employed to restore the body to the harmony required for health.

Often the cause of a problem is not where the pain is: for example, consider the person who has a painful back. When muscle tested, the cause is revealed to be a structural imbalance, or muscles not working properly due to a strain or heavy lifting. A second person with a similar pain may be revealed to have an imbalance in the kidney due to insufficient intake of water (a nutritional problem) and yet another person may be suffering pain in the back ever since suppressing grief over the loss of a loved one (emotional cause).

The person who has the structural problem would have individual muscles tested to discover which were not functioning at their optimal level and then specific points would be massaged and held to reset the fuses of that muscle thereby restoring it to its proper state. The nutritional problems are addressed by providing the required nutrition, or water as in the case discussed above. Emotional disturbance may be balanced by a variety of very effective stress release techniques.

Balancing to Assist you Attain Your Goals

The application of kinesiology techniques may go far beyond the simple “fix as you go or fix what you see”, when you delve into the realms of goal balancing.

Many self-help programs are designed to help us with affirmations, or with creating our own reality and building our dreams, but they often seem to be a series of frustrating hot air balloons which promise much and achieve little. On examination, many of these programs actually focus attention on the problem. For example: What sort of person would want the goal, To be thin ? Of course, a fat person would. When a fat person sets the goal to be thin, the picture that person has in front of their mind is a picture of being fat. As the universe creates for you just what you focus all your attention on, so the fat person continues to create being fat, just by working on that goal to be thin.

This principle can be applied to whatever it is that we are attempting to uncreate in our life: fatness, poverty, unhappiness, unsuccessful relationships, ill health, etc and by focusing attention on them without clearing the associated stressors, they will be perpetuated.

Setting You on the Road to Success

Using the kinesiology process called Goal Balancing can set you on the road to success with anything that you want to create. It is extremely workable and is run in the following way. First the goal is set, which can be on anything you currently want to achieve in your life. For example you may wish to succeed in a job interview, or create more wealth in your life. Perhaps you may want to lose weight, have more flexibility in your body or be able to read and increase your comprehension with ease. The choice is yours.

Your current reality (ie the reality you wish to change) is held in place by different types of stress, sabotage programs and old patterns of behaviour. The kinesiology practitioner using muscle testing, goes about revealing and releasing the particular stressors and emotions which are anchoring the negative patterns in place.

No Two People Are Exactly Alike

These stressors are all totally individual as no two people are exactly alike and the process is designed with this in mind. For example a person with the goal to do well in exams may have fear of success as their prime stressor. The correction would be an emotional stress release technique on the fear. Another person with the same goal may have a problem with dyslexia and will require a brain retraining correction. It is important that the stressors be individually identified and corrected.

Stress can be in an emotional, physical/structural or chemical (eg nutritional or toxins) form. The practitioner moves through the series of blocks in the person, always checking and rechecking by muscle testing that the correction being carried out is the next priority.

At the completion of the balance , the person will state the goal clearly and a strong muscle test will affirm that all stressors have been removed and the path to the goal is clear and unobstructed.

Goal balancing may reveal deeply ingrained belief patterns, which prevent us from attaining our real purpose in life. It is the most effective form of clearing old blocks and can bring us to the position of really being able to state what we want in life and actually go for it knowing the possibility to achieve is within our grasp.

So you can see that the potential and application of kinesiology techniques are wide. There is often a variety of causes for a particular ailments or imbalances, and if we ask the body we can get to the bottom of things very rapidly without the trial and error of guessing.

A kinesiology session will put your body in the best possible state of balance from which to heal itself in all aspects of your being. The results can be surprising, exciting and liberating.

Certainly worth your while don’t you think?

Applied Kinesiology commonly known as muscle testing, or muscle monitoring, can assist your return to health. Many imbalances in the body resulting in such disturbances such as headaches, hormonal imbalance, PMT, digestive disturbance, allergic reactions, hayfever, back or muscle and joint pain, chronic fatigue or addictive behaviour patterns can be alleviated with the assistance of a competent kinesiology practitioner.

  • Would you like to discover how to help yourself feel healthy without having to take pills and potions that often make you feel worse than before?
  • Would you like to be able to set goals and achieve them with ease?
  • Do you suffer from allergies, headaches, a bad back, low energy, PMT, mood swings, poor digestion, or simply, a lack of inner direction?
  • Do you wish you didn’t smoke, or were not depressed?
  • Are you overweight, or suffer from some form of eating disorder?

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    Could you tell me what your kinesiology sessions cost?

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    Kinesiology is really impressive, but if it is an emotional problem can you give bach flower or homeopathy?

    can you use Kinesiology with EFT to find the route cause of a problem?

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      Hi Chris,
      of course you can give Flower essences of homeopathy.. kinesiology is essentially a way to discover what is the best treatment method to use.. what the being requires to bring it back to balance and that can easily be a flower essence. EFt in fact has its roots in kinesiology and can certainly be used in conjunction with it.

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