Do’s and Dont’s for a Healthy Lifestyle

By | August 15, 2010

To inspire you to take charge of your health and to maintain wellness as a state of being we would like to share these tips with you.

Simple really, you are what you eat.. so put in your mouth only food that is close to its original form. If it has been packaged, frozen, minced, preserved and added to, it is not much good any more, often containing toxic additives which are poisonous to the body and lacking vital enzymes which are abundant in fresh, living food!

Sugar is a toxic drug, too refined for our bodies which are designed for sugars in the form of fruit and grains. Sugar substitutes such as aspartame or Nutrasweet are highly toxic to the body. (found in Diet Drinks and most chewing gum). Don’t eat them under any circumstances.

Microwave ovens have been banned in Russia, for good reason. The agitation of the water molecules in the food which causes the heating process, continues when the food is removed from the oven and you eat molecularly changed food which is stressful to the body.

Avoid drinking with meals, it dilutes your digestive juices, creating indigestion and poorly assimilated nutrients.

Avoid deep fried foods and margarine which contain trans-fatty acids. These are hardening to the cell wall, and cause premature aging and disease. Regularly consume essential fatty acids.. a good source is Flax seed oil.. however refrigerate it and keep away from heat, light and oxygen as these are destructive to it. 1-2 tablespoons daily are recommended.

Milk is for baby cows not humans. Educate yourself to substitute soya milk.. however be aware: soy isolates are difficult to digest so read labels, and buy only soy milk made from whole soy beans. Ask for organic, and avoid eating genetically modified foods. Oat milk or rice milk is also available if you are sensitive to soy.

Filter water, or buy spring water. Cook in filtered water. Tap water contains chlorine, flouride, heavy metals and other unsavoury toxins. A good water filter is great insurance for your health – Check out the Hydros Filters.

Most chicken is not clean meat. Chicken are fed hormones to fatten them and antibiotics to keep them healthy. They are grown from egg to table in six weeks! If you have any form of hormonal imbalance eliminate all chicken (except for free -range) entirely from your diet.

Supplement your diet with quality vitamins and minerals.. minerals in colloidal form can be absorbed easily, and are recommended. Another great source of minerals is sun dried sea salt (Celtic salt is excellent). Vitamin C keeps your white blood cells active, protecting the body against toxins and bacteria. Antioxidants keep you young and your cells happy.

So what’s our recipe for staying healthy... clean food, plenty of clean water, lots of fresh fruit and veg, learn something new to keep your brain cells multiplying, exercise regularly, and take time out to relax!

For more detailed advice for your nutrition requirements and supply of high quality nutrients (Australia & South East Asia only) please contact us.

2 thoughts on “Do’s and Dont’s for a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Christos

    “Oat milk or rice milk is also available” & “Tap water contains chlorine, flouride”
    Well, I just found out and was shocked that the Soy, Oat, & Rice milk which is sold in Australia contains flouride!!! Even though the milks are organic and use filtered water, apparently (and I have confirmed with the companies that make the milk) they do have flouride and do not remove it. So if you are avoiding flouride and drinking “alternative” milks, check with the manufacturer what the water they use contains. You have been warned.

    1. Roe

      Hi, I have only just discovered this myself. Which is how I came across this website in a google search. I was using Rice Milk and Oat Milk made by an Organic Australian company which lists Filtered Water as one of the ingredients. When I checked with them further, and indeed they tried to avoid answering the question, I found out they use Sydney Water (which they claim is already filtered). But the bottom line is (and they avoided answering this straight out) is that they don’t filter it themselves. Therefore there is fluoride in these milks. So these alternative ‘organic’ milks are not such a healthy choice after all and I am now not drinking these items to avoid Fluoride intake. It’s very misleading that they list ‘filtered water’ as an ingredient.

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