EAV Explained – Part 3

By | January 11, 2010

Author: Robert Eanes

Computerized EAV (Electro-acupuncture according to Voll) Systems improve testing efficiency and efficacy.

Early generation EAV meters used an analogue needle meter, similar to the speedometer in an automobile. The next progression in EAV technology involved the interfacing of the meter with a computer and custom software. Computers are very useful at displaying information, saving and comparing data and organizing information in database fashion. EAV practitioners used organized “trays” made of cardboard, each containing 100 to 200 Remedies organized in rows and columns. The doctors would physically retrieve the trays and test the individual items, a very cumbersome, tedious process. One of the goals in computerized EAV was to better organize and access the thousands of different Remedies that are used in testing.

The first generation computer EAV instruments attempted to develop systems that would provide access to hundreds of different remedies sealed in 1 milliliter test ampoules, built into an elaborate, electronic switching mechanism. The computer would display the remedy on the monitor and then go out and switch the electronics to bring the field of the remedy from the trays into the circuit with the patient. The technology was similar to placing the remedy on the test plate but much more efficient. However, the cost to build this apparatus was exorbitant and the instruments were very unreliable. By accident, it was found that when the computer was disconnected from the electronic remedy tray system the testing still worked. In other words, with only a remedy displayed as a word on the screen, the testing system worked!

The Holo Linguistic Effect

The next generation of computerized EAV used this phenomenon, dubbing it the “Holo-Linguistic Effect”, “Holo”, meaning dimensionality and Linguistic meaning language or words. Thus, you get a fancy way of saying that words on the screen of a computer are more than just words on the screen of a computer.

How this mechanism works is unknown. There have been attempts to explain the phenomenon by means of quantum physics. It may be more understandable and accurate to say that this phenomenon is related to the intuitive side of EAV. In every sense, EAV Testing depends on the developed skills, abilities, intuition, intent and focus of the practitioner. The value of these factors should not be discounted.
In many ways, they may be the key element in the healing process. Why is it that one patient gets well and another doesn’t?

  • The belief factor, the intent and “bedside manner” of the practitioner can play a critical role in getting someone well.
  • The “Words on the Screen” technique works. It has proven itself in tens of thousands of case histories. The results go far beyond the scope of coincidence.
  • Is this a foolproof solution? No, of course not. Can the instrument be misused? Yes, and this has a lot to do with the intentions of the practitioner.
  • Is “Word Testing” as accurate as testing the actual remedy?

The question again clearly relates to the developed skills, abilities, intuition, intent and focus of the practitioner. If a practitioner’s overall skills are questionable, then the results can be distorted. But, if the practitioner’s ability and intent is clear and clean, then “Word” Testing can be very effective.

The advantage of Word Testing is simple.

A computer can organize, display and sort through thousands of remedies in a very efficient manner. A practitioner can literally start with 20,000 different remedies and sort down to the few key remedies in a short period of time by using the facilities of an EAV Computerized System.

Current generation computerized EAV Systems do not have “Remedy Frequencies” in the software.
The concept of “Word” Testing is just too simple and too unbelievable. “There must be some sort of technical magic involved with these devices, some technique that programs the remedies into the computer.” At least, that is what many people are led to believe.

This scenario almost sounds plausible until you take a look at some very simple, scientifically accepted, universal truths.

  • Every remedy has a frequency, but to say this doesn’t even begin to do justice in describing the immense complexity of the frequency pattern of a specific remedy.
  • At this time there is no known method that will measure the actual frequency of a remedy. This is far beyond the
    scope of current day technology.
  • If you cannot measure something, then you certainly cannot turn this unknown into a digital signal and program it into a computer.

Even if you could measure the frequencies and program them in, there is no way for the computer to broadcast them back to you out of the software.

What we are dealing with here is the true essence of nature and life.

A good example is a synthetic vitamin. Synthetic vitamins have the exact molecular structure as the natural counterpart. However, they do not have the same effect in the body. Synthetic vitamins do not absorb as easily, they do not have the same nutritional effects and over a period of time, synthetic vitamins can produce side effects not found with natural vitamins. The synthetics have the correct molecular structure, but they are missing something. They are dead and not alive. The “frequency” in part, accounts for this difference. Actually, the difference is far beyond just a frequency; it is beyond the domain of our present conscious or scientific understanding.

This raises the question: How do you measure and quantify life?

Another example is a high-potency homeopathic remedy. At potencies of 24X (24 dilutions of 1 part per 10) the chance of having one molecule of the original substance in a bottle of a remedy is one in a million. Let’s say we have a 100X homeopathic (one part of the original substance diluted one part per ten, 100 times, basically one drop in a large lake). If we measure this very high potency remedy using a gas chromatograph (an instrument that bends light to measure the specific molecular constituents of any material) we will get a result that tells us, without any question, that what we are dealing with is nothing more than average, ordinary water.

Give this 100X remedy to some patients and they certainly will see a different reaction than what you would expect from water. The high potency homeopathic (greater than 24X/12C etc.) has no original substance in it but it carries a powerful frequency signature of the original substance.
However, state of the art technology, such as the gas chromatograph, cannot measure this.

Research scientists have spent months trying to decipher the electro-magnetic frequencies of remedies and at best they have come to the conclusion that there are patterns and tendencies, but nothing more exacting than this.

Clearly, we cannot measure the true frequencies of remedies and we certainly cannot digitize and program something that we cannot measure.

The difference between computerized instruments is nominal. They essentially do the same thing.
Every EAV instrument is an OHM meter, and there is absolutely no exception to this rule. The computer-interfaced models give us, in addition, a powerful set of software tools to work with.

Each manufacturer has its own way of approaching EAV Testing. But, there are no secret technologies.

Some of the manufacturers have incorporated signal/frequency generators as a means of offering a “secondary recognition system”. This is their way of explaining the fact that they use “Word Testing” as well as an arbitrary square wave signal. This type of technology needs to be explained.

The devices we are talking about use a “square wave” signal generator. Every remedy listed in their database is arbitrarily assigned a square wave frequency – a very simple frequency value. There should be no question about the fact that these frequencies are assigned. They are in every respect arbitrarily assigned. This process can be simply illustrated.

Square waves do not occur in nature!

AC amplifiers make good square waves, but you will never find a square wave in nature. Remedies never make square waves, and the frequency of any remedy is never, in any way, measured as a square wave. A square wave can look quite convincing to the uneducated eye on an oscilloscope. It makes it appear as if the computer is sending out the actual signal of a remedy, but it is not the frequency of the remedy and it has no correlation with any remedy! If these manufacturers could actually measure the frequencies of remedies they would come up with complex patterns that look nothing like a square wave.

Another critical point worth considering is this:
Assume that the square wave signal generated by a testing device is in fact the actual frequency of a remedy. Also assume that the technology is capable of “square wave recognition” (the device can measure the frequency of a remedy). If this assumption were valid then when an unknown remedy is placed on the measuring tray, the computer program should be able to recognize that remedy and name it, provided that it matched a corresponding pattern programmed into the software.

This however is not the case. A simple test of the validity of this assumption would be to place a remedy that has no label on a device and have the device, with no operator intervention, tell you what is inside the bottle. The devices are certainly not capable of performing this simple, analytical and objective verification.

If you compare technologies, testing the actual remedy is the best solution, but it is a very cumbersome procedure. Testing with the “Words” (in actuality, more than words) is very practical because of the computer software’s efficiency. However, “Word Testing” depends on the practitioner’s skill and abilities, coupled with intuition and intent.

In the final analysis between different types of manufacturers’ devices, a shopper can get very confused and frustrated trying to decipher the differences. Again, when you clear away all of the hype and look at the actual differences, all of the devices do the same thing in their own way.

All of them are quite capable of doing EAV Testing. It is valuable to look at the technological differences but one must keep one thing in mind: “Scientific Reality”.

DISCLAIMER: The Best Health Centre does not make any medical claims for the Avatar systems, or claim medical diagnostic ability for either the hardware or the software. The Avatar functions as an ohmmeter and bio-feedback instrument. The operator controls the use of the equipment.

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