EAV Explained – Part 4

By | January 10, 2010

Author: Robert Eanes

At this point, it is obviously better to evaluate different devices based on other criteria as, for example the following factors …

Ease of use:

Is the software easy to use? Is it user friendly, and does it offer the features, tools and capabilities you need to handle testing now and in the future when your capabilities expand?

Is the software current technology?

In the software development game the tools and rules change every year. Some software developed more than six years ago is not compatible with current-generation operating systems (Windows 95, 98 and NT, Vista & Windows 7). What will the picture look like in another three years?

Ability to Upgrade Easily:

Can you upgrade your device at a reasonable cost year after year as the technology changes, or will you have to buy a new device in a few years to stay current with technology?


Does the software have hardware limitations? Some software and hardware configurations are not compatible with current generation computers. For example Pentium Class computers are too fast for some DOS applications.


Does the device you are examining have a track record of being dependable? This is the kind of question you should ask other users who have experience with the device in question.


What is the typical failure rate of equipment, and what is the turnaround time for repairs? An EAV device is useful only if it is working properly in your office when you need it.


Is technical support available or even better, how available? This is another question that should be directed to current users of any device.

Author: Robert Eanes

When a practitioner claims that he is diagnosing a disease or a condition with an EAV device, this is an inaccurate and misleading claim.

Energetic testing is not a medical diagnosis. EAV is a useful qualitative and supplemental screening procedure. It is not designed to replace standard practices and protocols.

Any findings made with EAV techniques should be validated with standardized certified procedures.

In summary:

Electro-Acupuncture according to Dr. Voll is a very straightforward technology. EAV devices are simply skin conductance meters with or without a software/computer interface. But in clinical application, the simplicity of this modality cannot explain or justify the value and effectiveness of EAV Testing. EAV stands as a remarkable and viable asset for the forward looking medical practitioner.

Given the nature of EAV Testing, it is understandable why many practitioners often have difficulty believing in and feeling confident in EAV.

Some have grasped at stories and answers that seemingly give substance to the inexplicable questions that cannot be answered with our current level of scientific understanding. There are no secret mysterious or magical technologies. In the final analysis, we are left with the fact that EAV works and the critical component is the human element.

EAV is the integration of science and art, electronics and intuition, software and intent. And, as Hamlet said, “There is much that cannot be explained between heaven and earth”.

– Robert Eanes

DISCLAIMER: The Best Health Centre does not make any medical claims for the Avatar systems, or claim medical diagnostic ability for either the hardware or the software. The Avatar functions as an ohmmeter and bio-feedback instrument. The operator controls the use of the equipment.