Finally – our new site is live!!

By | December 8, 2010

After some weeks of work – (its amazing how much work it entails), we have finally gone live with our new website – it doesn’t look like much from the outside but those of you who are internet savvy on the inside.. will know that this has been a marathon!  We have to thank Ben Wan and Gary Pudney very much for their assistance because without them this site would still be clunking along in its old fashioned way.  If you are in need of some professional assistance in the web department I highly recommend both of these people.

So here it is Best Health in new clothes!  We are looking forward to bringing you more good information and some exciting new products very soon to help you with your health and to stimulate your interest in all things holistic and nurturing for your soul.

And in the meantime we wish you a great Silly Season.. with lots of good friends and enjoyable connections.

We will be back with more very soon.