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By | June 3, 2011

Its always great to receive feedback on your work.  It happens quite often that we see clients and then they go away and we don’t hear from them for ages.  The human mind is a strange thing.. often thinking.. “oh well perhaps we didn’t help that person and they were not satisfied so they never came back.” Imagine the surprise when you hear either indirectly or some two years later when the person arrives back on your doorstep and says.. ‘last time I came to consult you .. you fixed my problem and I have been well ever since until now.. when….

It happens so often!

But this week I had great feedback very quickly after the consultation.. and it was so nice to have that acknowledgement…

I just wanted to let you know that B…’s legs are all better. She still has some purple marks/scars on her legs which I hope will go away in time. We’ll still keep up the Formula Safety mix, vitamin C, etc for a while yet though.

So thank you so much. You are brilliant as always!  MF


I suggested that she try rosehip oil as this is a great remedy for that type of scarring.
And a few days ago this one came in as well….
from a client who suffers breathing difficulty and had a chronic shoulder pain.





Have been really busy this week so have not had time to feed back from the session on Monday. So here goes now!

The shoulder feels great- no pain and I can exercise with ease. Yoga was good on Wednesday evening with no trouble with the seizing of the back muscles. The next day I was sore after yoga, but in the hamstrings, not on the shoulder or back, lol.

Each day my ability to breathe and do the normal things I do without getting breathless is increasing ; yet to see what I am like on a windy day.   JC

So next time you consult a practitioner and have a great result.. do them a favour and take a moment just to acknowledge the success you have had .. it will make their day!!

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  1. Julia Hayes

    Yes, it’s easy not to notice when the problem goes – sometimes it happens slowly and just one day we realise it has gone. It’s then we need to acknowledge the fabulous healing work that practitioners like yourselves do. If I have ever forgotten to tell you, let me remind you now, you’ve helped me and my husband so much – and I love your work. I tried organic rosehip oil on my accident scars – and now use it on some rough skin patch. It’s worked so well.

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