The New Site for the Shiksham Gram Shelter for Homeless Children

By | January 25, 2011

The Building Site for the new Shiksham Gram Shelter for Homeless Children.

This small video will show you the work that is being done, largely by manual labour, on the new building for the 74 children who currenly live in rented accomodation in a nearby village.  This shelter for homeless children and the new building will accomodate 150 children, and you can see the setting is magical.

They have a fresh clear supply of spring water above the construction site, a space for an extensive vegetable garden, as well as lots and lots of space to play and simply be children.

The New Shelter for Homeless Children

This new shelter will be a far cry from the rubbish dumps, railway platforms and street corners where these children were living prior to being gathered up into the love and nurturing that they are now receiving from Satish, Yogeeta, Nandini and their team of teachers and carers.

For more on-going information about this wonderful project supporting the homeless children, you can join our facebook page here..

Homeless ChildrenHomeless Children still looking happy!