Juice Fast Day Two

By | January 2, 2011

Day Two of My New Year Juice Fast

Juice fast for detoxSo far so good!  Slept well through the night and woke this morning with no headache. When you juice fast the body starts to detox – and headaches, and other symptoms of letting go of the old rubbish are very common to experience.

The juice fast will trigger the detoxification.

You can think of it in this way – the body has a certain amount of energy to deal with the day to day tasks of repair, regeneration, digestion, elimination, and when we are living our normal life, especially during holiday periods, we may be eating in excess, especially rich foods that we don’t normally eat, as well as drinking more alcohol, and in may case I was eating much more sugar than usual.

When this is happening, the body uses all the energy simply for the daily tasks and any extra toxic load that comes in cannot be dealt with.  In other words, there is no energy left for detoxification – so the perceived ‘rubbish’ in the body needs to be stored.  Now you start your juice fast.

Suddenly energy is available for detoxification. The body breathes a figurative sigh of relief and starts to dump some of the stuff you have been storing away.  Ouch.. headache.. that hurts..  but persist.

Don’t give up your juice fast.

This is the time to celebrate and be aware that the body is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.. getting rid of the junk.  The key at this stage is to rest – to give the body space to do its work – and to drink a lot of water.  I also add a pinch of good quality sea salt into my big glass of water to help the hydration process.

Interestingly enough, yesterday when I felt I couldn’t handle the headache any longer, and was having trouble bearing it, I chose to have a cup of green tea.  I thought perhaps the slight amount of caffeine in the tea would ease my headache.  Mistake!

All it did was make me feel very nauseous for about half an hour.  A strange reaction but when you juice fast weird things can happen.  Fortunately by about 4pm the headache eased and I felt fine although a bit hungy for the rest of the day.

A long beach walk and a swim this morning put me in a great frame of mind and I came home to make the day’s juice.  Day two is begun!  My Compact Juicer – is running like a dream – so doing my juice fast with this living juicer is really easy and the juice tastes great.