Juice Fast Day Four

By | January 4, 2011

Day Four of My New Year Juice Fast

Whew made it this far.. and only one day to go.  Have to say last night was the worst!  I developed lots of discomfort in the back of my legs and it seemed worse when I was lying down.. so not much chance to sleep.

But you have to expect some detox symptoms when you do a juice fast.

Sahaja Kinesiology
Fortunately for me, Sahaja – kinesiologist extraordinaire – was on hand this morning and gave me a kinesiology balance which has definitely helped me through that phase.

So I am much more comfortable this afternoon.

Just to let you know also if you are considering doing a juice fast – some people think it takes half the day to keep making the juice.  But if you are using a Compact Juicer which grinds the juice rather than a centrifugal juicer, then you can make your whole supply of the day’s juice in one go.  If you use the centrifugal type, the juice will quickly oxidise making it unsuitable for storage.

This morning it took me 35 minutes to make enough juice for my whole day’s juice fast.

That is from taking the vegies out of the fridge, washing them, cutting them up, putting them through the Compact Juicer – to completely cleaning the juicer out.  So now you have no excuses.. go for it!!

It is not much time to prepare your full day’s nutrition for your healthy juice fast.

2 thoughts on “Juice Fast Day Four

  1. Patricia Reed

    Hey Shazar,
    I am absolutely LOVING my Compact juicer! It is so easy to use and so simple to clean, and I just wish I’d bought one ages ago…. have been juicing for almost a month now, and also making enough each day for myself, plus a friend and my Dad who are both currently in hospital. Takes me less than 30 minutes from start to finish including cleaning up, and I just want to say a very BIG THANK YOU for getting me started. I feel great, have stopped drinking coffee, and am losing weight. Nice start to the New Year.

    1. Shazar Robinson Post author

      That’s great news Patricia. So glad you are having that experience with the Compact and your daily juice. I think there is nothig better you can do for your health than a good big glass of the pure fresh enzymes that you get in your juice each day! Very healing for the body.

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